F & I Standard Packages

Bronze Package

(Gold Plus Maint. Only)    $35.95

Smallest Package but packs a big Punch !

-Standard Vacuum/Dash Cleaning

-Exterior Wash with wax Premium Wax Additive

-Complete Drying to prevent water spots 

Estimated Completion Time  1 Hour


Gold Package       $129.95

Most Popular for a Reason! Incredible Deal for an Awesome Price !

-Serve Vacuum/Interior Trim Chem Cleaning

-Ext/wash Premium Wax Additive/3-4 Month Wax

-Wheel and tire Package & Coating.

Estimated Completion Time  3 Hours


Silver Package     $69.95

 Wanna hang around to wait. Our Silver offers Great results with timely turnaround !

-Standard Vac/Window & Dash Cleaning.

-Exterior Wash w/Wax Additve/ Door jam Cleaning

-Our Famous Tire Coating

Estimated Completion Time 1.5 Hours


Gold PLUS Package     $179.95

Longevity is the goal ! Make it last with extra life in our Synthetic Waxes

-Serve Vacuum/Spot Shampoo/ Leather Recon

-Ext Wash / 7-8 Month Wax Protection

-Wheel and Tire Package & Coating/Undercoating protection  

Estimated Completion Time  4.5 Hour


Please Allow Minimum 2-3 days for Ceramic Coating Packages 

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