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Why choose the Signature Detail Platinum

  • The Level 5 Detail is a step above the Level 4. Every treatment offered with the Level 4 Detail is included in the Level 5, in addition to offering up to a 99% correction factor, with 5 stages of correction where necessary

From $4599 - $8499

Allow 4-6 Full Days

Level 5  Signature Detail Platinum

Exterior – Cleaning/Cleansing/Decontamination

  • Wheels are removed, cleaned on the inside and cleansed, then all wheel nuts are torque set to the correct manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Wheels are cleaned, polished and Ceramic Coated with Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper inside and out.

  • Engine bay is detailed.

    Alloy wheels paint corrected.

  • Paintwork is treated to a three-to-six stage paint correction process to eliminate defects such as heavy swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches.

  • 8 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H applied to the vehicle’s paint, providing permanent protection with a Lifetime Warranty. An additional layer of protection is added to wear areas including windshield and wheels. 1 Layer of Top Coat, 1 Layer of 9H on plastics and wheels, 1 Layer of Rain on all windows


  • Interior Surfaces are steam cleaned.

  • All interior leather is ceramic coated and protected to prevent moisture build up.

  • The vehicle is deodorized using specially designed anti-bacterial treatment, which breaks down and eliminates bad odor and bacteria instead of masking them.

  • Completely vacuumed 

  • Windows and components are cleaned

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