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Why choose the Level 1 Cleansing & Wax?

  • The purpose of a Level 1 Detail is to decontaminate the paintwork or PPF (Paint Protection Film). Most commonly, a Level 1 Detail is used to detail satin paint (which cannot be machine polished) or as an ongoing maintenance detail. It doesn’t involve paint correction, and instead, is a thorough deep clean involving both chemical and mechanical decontamination.

Allow 1 Full Day

From $375 - $400

Level 1 Cleansing & Wax

Exterior – Cleaning/Cleansing/Decontamination


  • The vehicle is washed using PH neutral shampoo.

  • Wheels are cleaned using a non-acidic citrus based cleaner

  • Door jams, fuel cap, wheel wells  and lower sections parts will be cleaned (where accessible).

  • The vehicle is hand dried using super soft mammoth microfibre towels.

  • The paintwork is treated with a clay bar (mild or aggressive) removing bonded surface contaminants.

  • Underground bh shampoo is applied to dissolve and remove tar, road grime, bug splatter deposits and other petroleum based substances

  • Tires are dressed.

  • Exterior plastics and door trims are dressed.

  • Paint is treated by hand with ceramic prep solvent – to help adhesion of the Synthetic Wax

  • One layer of our preferred high grade synthetic wax is applied to the paint surface, ensuring a durable level of protection


  • Carpets vacuumed.

  • Windows are cleaned on the inside.

  • Interior trim and surfaces are all cleaned using top tier product.

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